Traditional Life Coaching takes on as many styles as there are Life Coaches.  For myself and my clients, I like to use an intial consultation and the following process as a guide:


Consultation (optional):

For those who aren't sure if I'm there guy (so to speak) or aren't sure coaching is for them, I offer a free-of-charge initial consultation.  During this consultation (either in person or over the phone) we can get to know one another a little, discuss my process, your process, and where we see those two merging to become the foundation of us working together.  It's harmless, mostly, sometimes fun, and often a rewarding first step to beginnig our work together.

 I typically like to work one long session a month and then have quick phone calls on subsequent weeks that month to check in and guage progress.  Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was well thought out and kept on track, let's do the same thing with your goals.


The working process:

1: Identification

2. Clarification

3. Setting

4. Action Steps

5. Realizatioin

The above may include reworking your goal as often as you like to ensure it is truly what you want.  Getting you where you want to be is paramount, so let's make that happen.


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